18 de enero de 2008

Welcome! 3 tips for using Flixster.

Hey Maribel,

Welcome to Flixster! In case you forget, your login information is below. But first, 3 quick tips for exploring the site...

1. Rate some movies to get started!
Try our Quickrate feature - fast and fun way to rate a bunch at a time and see what friends said.

2. Do NOT play the Quiz
The Never-Ending Movie Quiz is insanely addictive. And it never ends. If you value your time, the best thing is to just not start.

3. Did you find our Video and Photo Libraries?
We have one of the world's largest collections of movie clips and actor photos. But we keep it pretty well hidden...

4. (BONUS TIP) Invite some friends!
Like a good movie, Flixster is a lot more fun when shared with friends.

In case you forget, here is your login info - keep this email around for reference!

Username: grupoculturalespanam
Password: The password you chose during registration.
Homepage: http://www.flixster.com/user/grupoculturalespanam

To invite more friends to join your community, simply forward them this link:


Finally, if at some point you decide you actually hate all your friends and never want to see a movie ever again, you can cancel your account at any time from our Settings page.

We hope you enjoy the site!

Team Flixster (Joe & Saran)

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